Update: NeutriSci International & Tabletz

Quick and dirty. There has been a lot of confusion, anger, crying and moaning in the past few weeks from shareholders. I have to agree that communication to the public was badly managed. This caused major confusion and a little bit of a selloff, but I am confident that after reading what I was able to find out, people will understand what is happening.

I decided to investigate on what is going on in regards of Tabletz and especially NeutriSci International. I was able to have a long conversation with Masa Ikeda, the CEO of Tabletz and also with Glen Rehman, the CEO of NeutriSci International. Now in case if some of you wonder how I was able to get these guys on the phone, I am a shareholder and was able to get a hold of their personal numbers and I have no shame to call 25 times in a row, all day if I have to, till someone picks up. So, please note upfront, there is a conflict of interest as I am a shareholder.

1) Conversation with Masa Ikeda, CEO of Tabletz

Straight to the point without any mercy.

Why has NeutriSci International not yet fully produced the large Tabletz order?

I told him that shareholders are frustrated and do not understand what is going on. Why place a rush order for Tabletz in the middle of the regular production schedule? It sounded like clients in Japan were getting cold feet and wanted a trial batch to test out the market before commencing with the multi million dollar purchase order.

Now read carefully!

Originally, Masa was planning to introduce the 3 stick version of Tabletz in Japan as a cheaper starter version, then expand into the 7 stick version to meet larger demand, which they anticipated to be the biggest future seller.

When the samples ended up in the board rooms of Japan’s largest drug and super market chains, the internal feedback was better than expected and this caused a rearrangement of the future product assortment and branding strategy of Tabletz.

These B2B clients do not see the true long-term potential in selling just 1 to 2 sticks per month to their customers. Their goal is to motivate each customer to take 1 to 3 tabs per day. Now let's do the math real quick, let's be conservative.

30 days per month, means 30 - 60 Tabletz per month, break that down by a stick of 7, that means you have to buy 4 to 7 sticks per month, not exactly healthy for the environment, even so the packaging is biodegradable. Then you have logistic issues, higher cost, higher labor etc… So, they needed to come up with a way to offer a cheaper, more environmentally friendly version for Japanese customers, so a bulk version of Tabletz, containing 35 tabs for monthly usage at least.

They will still offer the three and seven stick versions, but just as a portable version. The main business will be selling a bulk bottle of Tabletz. Now hold on to your pants, it looks like that they have hammered out a subscription model to Japanese customers over the large supermarket chains. Yes, you heard right, the large distributors want to implement a subscription model for loyal customers on the bulk versions. I think that shows everyone how confident they are about Tabletz.

This is the reason why they are changing the production schedule and production assortment in order to accommodate these changes. Now, there was one distributor, that still needs the three stick versions desperately, that’s why an additional rush order was placed.

I like the idea of a subscription model that is supported by the large supermarket chains because it generates recurring revenue, and it will help Tabletz and NeutriSci to better plan for production in the years to come. At the end of the day, it builds a strong brand, that you can use to introduce additional new products and just add those for an additional monthly fee to all those existing clients. I also believe that this will sharply increase revenue. So yes, there has been a delay in the production but with the new production capacity at NeutriSci they should be able to crank out the first order within a few weeks.

Now after getting this question answered, I had some additional questions:

Masa was very confident during the conversation. We also talked about the CBD market in Japan. Pretty much he said that everyone and his mother is trying to get into the Japanese CBD market and that the interest and public awareness have exploded. Remember in November 2020 at the their product presentation in the Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, introducing Tabletz to the large Japanese distributors, people were mainly clueless about CBD. That seems to have changed big time. Good for us, the more market awareness there is, the more demand we will see.

He said that these other companies will have three major problems to enter the Japanese market in order to generate revenue and get brand recognition.

1) Most of these companies will not get approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health. He wished them good luck with a big laugh because they are making it harder every day.

2) Large retailers in Japan will only take the best quality and the competition does not stand a chance against Tabletz as they are incorporating NeutriSci’s innovative technology. He said that the large discounters have tested several different brands internally and they are going with Tabletz now.

3) Branding, marketing and understanding what kind of a lifestyle product the Japanese consumer is looking for will be a problem for competitors. He told me that they know what they are doing compared to other competitors and that he is most confident that Tabletz will become one of the top three CBD brands in Japan.

What about the beverage market in Japan? If they have 7-Eleven as one of their customers, it would make sense to come up with a CBD shot or drink of some sort. He said he would love to talk about it, but he is not allowed to talk about it yet. He added that they are in advanced talks and have already come up with something for the beverage industry implementing NeutriSci’s water soluble technology. He said that this market would be the motherload in regards to the CBD business in the future and he didn’t want to answer any more questions.

He said that since things in Japan have now been figured out that the company is going to focus on the distribution and marketing in the United States. He said there was just too much to do in Japan and he can focus more on the US now.

In my opinion, Tabletz will be much bigger in Japan than they anticipated at first. Goal is to be among the top three brands for years to come. The subscription model is smart, making it a life style brand for daily use and being backed up by Japan's largest retail chains, I think we have a winner here. Now, I think that they have already re-shifted the production plan to adjust to the upcoming new assortment. With the new facility in Vegas, they should be able to pump out the entire order in less than 4 weeks.

2) Conversation with Glen Rehman, CEO of NeutriSci Int.

So at first, I was expecting an annoyed, question evading and stressed out Glen at the phone but I was wrong. He was relaxed, confident and even a bit cocky.


In regards to Tabletz he says that he is looking forward of being the exclusive manufacturer of Tabletz for the next decade, not just in Japan but also the United States. NeutriSci wants to focus on developing and formulating new products for them and grow revenue. He said it is a beautiful thing that he does not have to worry about the marketing, branding and sales of these products, he can just focus on manufacturing and have recurring revenue streams for years to come. He loves the subscription model, as he claims that this will make his job so much easier in regards to production management and planning, as they will be able to anticipate the minimum orders every year.

He is sorry about the lack of communication and causing confusion, however he said that things have turned out a lot better than they expected at the end and he is asking for leniency. Glen said that the past 7 months have been non-stop working in the background, setting up deals, new products, new clients and getting the Las Vegas facility up and running, which he claims is a major milestone to accepting purchase orders from the CBD/THC, Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical industry.

NeutriSci International

Glen tried to make me understand that the Tabletz deal is a great achievement for NeutriSci International, but in his opinion this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the huge potential of their technology platform, he was not able to get very deep into it, but he feels so confident by the feedback of other companies that they have formulated new products for, that he thinks he can establish a new gold standard in the CBD and THC industry on a global scale.

I quote:

“We have given live demonstration of our technology and formulated products in front of the CEO’s of CBD & THC related companies and they could not believe their eyes when they saw the results. We can make their products more effective, sharply increase bioavailability, flavor mask their products, make their products fully water soluble either transparent or non-transparent, even flavorless if they want and the best part is we can save these guys money as well.”

He claims we are now in the process of accepting purchase orders as the facility is up and running and he feels very confident about the future. In regard to marketing the technology and establishing it as the gold standard he claims that all he needs is just one big player in the market.Once they start crushing their competition, everyone and his mother should be coming to NeutriSci. He said that they have been working tirelessly on the technology for years and now it is time to reap the fruits.

I also asked him what his plans are in terms of new products for CBD/THC and especially the global nutraceutical market . He replied that they are currently developing several new products for both market segments, however he said he cannot say too much as he signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with potential B2B clients.

Future wish list = Glens To-Do-List

+ Improve future communication to the public. + I would like to see a video of the Las Vegas facility during production cycle.

+ Corporate Video, showing technology, management, B2B services & LV facility.

+ I would like to see a live demonstration of their unique water soluble technology.

+ Detailed news releases on their new formulated products (CBD/THC, Nutraceutical).

+ Future news releases should include detailed revenue numbers.

+ Q&A with Masa and Glen in a public conference call with investors.

+ Full update on all business segments with numbers (NeutriSci, Tabletz and Cryopharm).

+ Strong social media presence - this needs to be improved as soon as possible.

+ Detailed information on the Tabletz subscription model. I want to see $$$ numbers.

+ Multi million dollar contracts from newly acquired clients on a global scale.


My conclusion, Glen was too confident, too relaxed and the way he talked about establishing NeutriSci Technology as the gold standard gives me the hunch that there is something big coming.

The new Las Vegas facility is way too big for just being able to fullfill Tabletz orders. He would not have spent that money if he was not sure that there are other large scale clients. We have also seen that the company has recently changed its public appearance transforming into a full B2B service company catering to the CBD/THC, nutraceutical and now also pharmaceutical industry. I believe I have also seen some new job positions for scientists. It looks like they are gearing up for something.He said that he is confident that everyone will pardon him when they see what they have been doing.

Another feeling that I am getting is that there will be something coming very soon in regards of the beverage market, the way Masa and Glen talked about it was definitely in sync. In the next few days, I will do some research on the actual revenue numbers for CBD and THC related beverages in North America vs. Edibles market to get a feel for the revenue potential.

For now, I give him the benefit of the doubt and I am anticipating that there is a bunch of major news coming very soon. Why do I think so? The last thing he told me on the phone before we hung up was that he is sure that I will call him next week and that he would be more at liberty to talk in depth about what they have accomplished. I think you do not need an Enigma to decipher what that could mean. I hope this helped a little bit and I look forward to next week.


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